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Our Menu

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All served with roasted herb potatoes

$13.95Better Bennie

Served on fresh waffles, topped with vegan sausage crumble made in house, organic tofu scramble, and housemade hollidaze sauce

$12.95Breakfast Sandwich

Vegan Sausage or Tofu Bacun in house made, tomato, spinach, mayo. A vegan classic


3 fresh waffles stacked with vegan butter & organic maple syrup


a.k.a Bubble Waffles

We top it with homemade Toasted marshmallow & fresh fruit

You can add extra toppings
Pretzels | Chocolate | Brownie crumble |Cookie dust | Chocolate crispy | Waffle bites 
Ask us about seasonal toppings

Choose your Puffle Flavor:

$8.00Vanilla Puffle

$8.00Chocolate Paffle

$8.00Matcha Puffle

$8.00Pumpkin Puffle


$14.95Matt’s Fave

Fresh greens, pico de gallo, coconut bacon, artichoke, lentil crumble & house dressing

$14.95Maple Sriracha Chick-un

Fresh greens, pico de gallo, avocado, dill pickle, coconut bacun, housemade vegan chick-un patty, and maple sriracha dressing

$14.95Summer Berry

fresh greens, housemade feta, red onion, tomato, fresh seasonal berries, balsamic dressing

$12.95Caesar Salad

Fresh Spinach & Greens, house Caesar dressing, coconut bacun, housemade parmesan cheese


Nacho Mama’s Nacho

Fresh tortilla chips, lentil meat, cheese sauce, pico de gallo, avocado, dill pickle, olive, & house made dill sour cream
Regular $10.95 | Large $18.95


Roasted Cauliflower bites. Served with raw veggie
Buffalo | Garlic Parm | Sweet Chili

$12.00Chips & Dip

Fresh Tortilla chips with in housemade guacamole & pico de gallo

Waffle Burgers

Served with a side of balsamic roasted root veggies

$14.95The Club

Our patty topped with fresh greens, mayo, coconut bacun, avocado, pico de gallo


Our patty topped with Greens, mustard, mayo, ketchup, pickles, cheese sauce

$14.95The Demon

Our Patty, topped with greens, spicy mayo, pico de gallo, housemade cheese sauce, mushroom & peppers, coconut bacun

$14.95Dr. Evil

Our Patty topped with cheese sauce, spicy mayo, mustard, dill pickle & NY style onions

$14.95The Vegga - Letta

Our patty topped with, sundried tomato pesto, olive tapenade, mayo, avocado, & artichoke

$14.95Chick-un Burger

Our Chick-un patty with mayo, greens, pineapple salsa

Comfort Food

Served with side house salad or small soup

$12.95Mac & Cheese

Macaroni, cheese sauce, topped with bread crumbs. A Classic Comfort food

$15.95Pumpkin Sage Ravioli

Handmade & served with marinara sauce


Handmade & served with coconut bacun, NY onions, & house made dill sour cream


Our fresh dough is baked and topped

$14.95Pineapple Jack

Sauce, pineapple, coconut bacun, red onion, Buffalo jack cheese sauce

$14.95Zippie Hippie

Sauce, taco meat, cheese sauce, greens, pico de gallo, avocado, dill sour cream, tortilla chips

$14.95Fresh is Best

Sauce, greens, olive tapenade, sundried tomato pesto, peppers & mushrooms, house made feta, balsamic reduction

$14.95Classic Veggie

Sauce, mushroom & peppers, pineapple, black olive, house feta & cheese sauce

Roasted Root Veggie Poutinerie

Seasonal roasted root veggies topped

$9.95The Original

Housemade Cashew cream cheese, avocado, pico de gallo

$9.95The Classic

Housemade Cashew cream cheese, mushroom gravy, topped with greens

$9.95Buffalo Jack

Buffalo cheese sauce, avocado, and mushrooms

$9.95Cheese Burger

Cheese sauce, lentil meat, dill pickle, pico de gallo

Buddha Bowls

$15.50Baja Buddha

Brown rice, lentil meat, greens, tortilla chips, avocado, pico de gallo, & our Baja dressing

Warm Karma Curry

Rice, roasted cauliflower, greens, pico de gallo, roasted root veggies, dill sour cream

Sweet Chili

Organic ramen noodles, peppers & mushrooms, greens, house slaw, sweet chili sauce


Served on fresh in house made naan

$14.95Tricky Chicky

Chick-un patty, mayo, greens, pico de gallo

$14.95Spicy Hippie

Lentil meat, greens, spicy mayo, avocado & pico de gallo

$14.95Villy Cheese

Housemade steak, cheese sauce, greens, mushroom & peppers, pico de gallo

$14.95Somethin Phishy

Greens, in house made Phish cakes, spicy mayo, avocado, & pico de gallo

The Grill

$18.95Jackfruit Rybs

Served with house slaw & macaroni and cheese

$18.99Chick-un Cutlet

Served with gravy, roasted veggies & slaw

$16.95Portobello Mushroom

Stuffed with rice, greens & blue cheese with balsamic. Served with roasted veggie & slaw

Toast Bar Menu

Sweet Toast

All served on your choice of fresh baked bread, waffles, French toast, or Swedish pancake

$6.95Apple Pie

Cinnamon Butter with grilled apples, pie crumble, & glaze drizzle

$4.95PB & J

Natural Peanut butter (or wow butter) with housmade jam

$6.95Cheeky Monkey

Housemade Chocolate spread, banana & pineapple with strawberries


Chocolate spread, homemade roasted marshmallow, crushed ginger cookie

$7.95Pucker Up

Housemade lemon curd, berry cashew cream cheese, & berries

Savory Choices

All served on your choice of fresh baked bread, waffles, French toast, or Swedish pancake

$7.95Lox & Cheese

Carrot lox, herb & garlic cashew cream cheese, capers, greens

$7.95Moody Blue

Vegan Blue cheese, grilled mushrooms, greens, green onion, balsamic, & pico de gallo

$7.95Up Rooted

Roasted root veggies, garlic & herb cashew cheese, greens & balsamic

$7.95No Eggy Salad

Our vegan no eggy salad, greens, green onion, hot sauce

$9.95Avocado Toast

Avocado, pico de gallo, cheese sauce

Build Your Own

Spreads $1.50
House made Cream Cheese Cashew or Tofu | Berry – Cinnamon | Garlic & herb | Roasted red pepper
Blue Cheese | Feta Cheese | Cottage Cheese
Homemade Jam | Pumpkin Butter | Nut Butters | Chocolate Spread | Lemon Curd | Homemade Marshmallow

Fresh Fruit $0.75
Banana | Apples | Berry | Pineapple | Orange
Ask about seasonal fruit

Nuts $1.00
Roasted Peanuts | Raw Cashews | Raw Almonds | Roasted Pistachio

Drizzles $1.00
Icing Glaze | Caramel | Chocolate | Dill Sour Cream | Cheese Sauce | Balsamic Reduction

Veggie Toppings 1.00 each
Fresh Greens | Pico de Gallo | Grilled Mushrooms | Roasted Root Veggies | Green Onion | Sundried Tomato Pesto | Capers | Olive Tapenade | Shoots | Cucumber | Tomato | Coconut Bacun | Tofu Bacun | Tofu Scramble | Lentil Meat | Grilled Seasonal Veggies

Build Your Own Toast

Choose your fresh bread slice or waffle $ 2.50 | French toast $3.50 | Swedish pancake $5.50

Choose your Spreads, toppings, fruits, nuts, & drizzles

Drink Menu

Hand Crafted Cool Drinks

Fresh Lemonade

Sparkling Lemonade add $1 | Infused Lemonade add $1.50

Regular $4.50 | Large $6.25


Sun Tea

Regular $4.50 | Large $6.25

Infused Water

Regular $3.75 | Large $5.50

Hand Crafted Hot Drinks

French Press Coffee

Regular $3.00 | Large $5.25

Herbal Tea

Regular $2.50 | Large $3.75

Hot Cocoa

Regular $3.50 | Large $5.25

Hot Lemonade

Regular $3.00 | Large $4.50

Latte, Smoothies, Shakes

Wellness Latte

Served hot or cold
Crafted with your choice of
Vegan Mylk - Almond, Coconut, Organic Soy or Hemp.
Sunrise Mylk - A beautiful blend of warming spices with golden turmeric . 
Pretty in Pink Mylk - A blend of beet and spices to lift your mood.
 Easy being Green - A blend of spinach and spices to give you a lift of energy.
Chai Fog - Housemade Chai blend and Mylk.
Regular $3.75 | Large $5.50


Energizer - Berry, banana, spinach & coconut water topped with chia.
Morning Glow - Orange, banana, pineapple, coconut water.
Mean Green - Spinach, banana, pineapple, coconut water.
Regular $6.50 | Large $8.75

$8.50Mylk Shakes

Each shake is crafted to order & topped with homemade roasted marshmallow whip & a treat

Chocolate Blast | Very Berry Strawberry | Classic Vanilla | Mint Chocolate | Vanilla Chai | Pumpkin Spice